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Duration30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days365 days30 days365 days365 days365 days
Background Check: Comprehensive Report100--25-20----100
Business Background with Credit Report----------20
Business Credit Report----------50
Business EIN Background & Due Diligence Report50--102025----100
FEIN Employer ID Number Database5050100100325100--4000-10000
TIN MATCH INTERNAL EIN + SSN Reverse40-50100-------
Bankruptcy Records50-10010030-----200
Liberty Legacy Header5010200100-300-----
Criminal and Arrest Records75-752530100----500
Non Profits40--10030---1500-200
Cell Phone Records40-1001003050----500
Email Finder100-25020030100----500
Person Contact Locator - Property Owner Reverse---15------200
Business Profiles: MCC Codes, EIN, Legal Type100--200----1500-500
Aircrafts - FAA Registered Aircraft25--50------200
Associates Neighbors Relatives Beta 110-5010------200
Auto & Motor Vehicle Ownership40-5010030-----200
Background Check Lite10--20120----200
Business Federal Tax Lien20--5020-----500
Civil Judgments20--5010-----250
Corporate SOS Records100--5030-----500
Drivers License Verification5-551010-----
Intele - TAG5--5-10-----
Liberty Premium Header5020-1255050----200
LIFESTYLE w/ Phones100-100100------200
Master Phone Reverse Sweep Search20-10050------200
National Financial Index - Consumer1--1-7----200
National Live Directory Assistance10-1020-20-----
National Possible Employer & Occupational Data50--100-100----200
National Wireless and Non Published Numbers10-1025-20----200
OFAC (beta)50--100------200
Ported Cellphones Carrier Search - Live Data30--10------200
Premium MVR Auto Current + Historical5--10-10----100
Premium MVR Licenses, MVR Asset Tracer & Tags5-25------100
Premium Property Search10--10-------
Professional Licenses50--100------200
Property & Mortgage50--25------250
Sex Offender Check100-250200------500
SuperLite Background50--10020--90000--250
Tax Lien20--50-------
Teaser Header20--25-------
TIN Match Premium EIN + SSN Match-75-125100-----500
Vessels , Boats & Watercraft25--50------200
VIN Decoder----------100
Wallet API10--10------300
Mr. V Matsumoto, Kaiser Permanente
David E. B, United States Department of Labor
Detective T.J. Bereda, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Ziad Sakhle, IMS
Pace Allen,Attorney, Daytona Beach, Florida