How to Protect Yourself from the World’s Fastest-Growing Criminal Enterprise

Synthetic Identity Fraud is a worldwide risk, and it’s on the ascent as the United States’ foremost financial crime. In just one recent Synthetic Identity Fraud scam, banks lost in excess of 200 million dollars. Even specialists concur that this year alone, an enormous amount of cash has been stolen because of Synthetic Identity Fraud; in fact, the fraudsters have stolen so much money that no studies have been able to accurately decipher the magnitude of the harm that has already been caused by Synthetic Identity Fraud.

There is a way to combat this rising fraud, however. You can secure your organization and ensure your funds simply by utilizing tools that are more refined than the fraudsters'.

Has your company previously been exploited by Synthetic ID Fraudsters? If so, it is absolutely imperative that you ensure your business’s safety now, before they strike again.

What makes REALSearch the nation’s number one tool for helping banks prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud? Only RealSearch has a master task force who work tirelessly behind the scenes, made up of genuine people, not simply machines and data files, who know the secrets to differentiating between fraudulent and applicants.