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EIN Searches
Get EIN lookup and verification using our extensive database. Search by EIN or name/state/zip/phone number.
1099 Validation
Meet all IRS 1099 validation compliance regulations with instant results.
TIN Matching API
Match EIN in real time instantly, with instant access to over half-a-Billion tax ID numbers. Only RealSearch offers you instant results right on screen.

Business EIN Credit Reports
Know your clients and reduce your risks using our new EIN credit reports, with reports integrated into background details within minutes. EIN Reports show: Officers, Staff, Executives, EIN Data, Secretary of State, Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgments, CRedit & Payment Trends, Risk Score and IRS Federal Tax Liens - all in one , quick, easy to ready, affordable report. KYC & Due Dilligence from Realsearch right at your fingertips. Instant Access !
EIN/TIN Batching
Send us your Business 1099 Vendor files and let us append EIN & TIN, crunch and process your data and do all the crunching & matching for you. Add extra fields if required such as: URL, Execs, Contacts, Federal Tax Liens, Phone, Fax, Sales, Ticker, Description, Keywords, SIC, NAICS code and more

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