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Our new VIN DECODER API offers comprehensive vehicle identification number decoding for almost all makes models of current and older vehicles. Perfect for anyone needing reliable, immediate access to VIN Data, our API is the first of itís kind to feature optional add-ons that give you the complete picture of whatís going on with a car.

Our fast, easy plug-in JSON Api makes integrating our data into your system a snap - no waiting for reports, no tricky websites to navigate. Our comprehensive data points are derived from a number of private and public sources, including Federal DOT, EPA NHTSA, and others.

Our main VIN Decoding service includes all of the following:

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Condition, Year ,Number of Cylinders, Make, Transmission, Model, Body Type, Engine, Warranty, Drive Type, Vehicle Title, Mileage, Fuel Type, Sub Model, For Sale By, Exterior Color, Number of Doors, Interior Color, Options, Vehicle Condition, Interior Type, Number Of Doors, Transmission Type, Trim, Power Options, Vehicle Inspection, Inspection, Seller Rating, Cab Type, MPGHighway, Body Style, MPGCity, FuelType, VIN, Disability Equipped, Doors, Drivetrain, Safety Features, Engine Description, Limited warranty, Number of doors, Series, Certification, City, State, Country

Our optional Enhanced VIN Decoder fields, which you can not get anywhere else, include:

Model Year, Vehicle Manufacturer Name, Veh Mfr Code, Represented Test Veh Make, Represented Test Veh Model, Test Vehicle ID, Test Veh Configuration #, Test Veh Displacement (L), Actual Tested Testgroup, Vehicle Type, Rated Horsepower, # of Cylinders and Rotors, Engine Code, Tested Transmission Type Code, Tested Transmission Type, # of Gears,Transmission Lockup?, Drive System Code, Drive System Description, Transmission Overdrive Code, Transmission Overdrive Desc, Equivalent Test Weight (lbs.), Axle Ratio, N/V Ratio, Shift Indicator Light Use Cd, Shift Indicator Light Use Desc, Test Number, Test Originator, Analytically Derived FE?, ADFE Test Number, ADFE Total Road Load HP, ADFE Equiv. Test Weight (lbs.), ADFE N/V Ratio, Test Procedure Cd, Test Procedure Description, Test Fuel Type Cd,Test Fuel Type Description, Test Category, THC (g/mi),CO (g/mi), CO2 (g/mi), NOx (g/mi), PM (g/mi), CH4 (g/mi), N2O (g/mi), RND_ADJ_FE,FE_UNIT, FE Bag 1, FE Bag 2, FE Bag 3, FE Bag 4, Target Coef A (lbf), Target Coef B (lbf/mph), Target Coef C (lbf/mph**2), Set Coef A (lbf), Set Coef B (lbf/mph), Set Coef C (lbf/mph**2), Aftertreatment Device Cd, Aftertreatment Device Desc,Police - Emergency Vehicle?, Averaging Group ID, Averaging Weighting Factor, Averaging Method Cd, Averging Method Desc

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All of this data can be quickly integrated in your systems for a low monthly fee. If you are interested in using our VIN Decoding API, Please call - 800-299-8280 to schedule a demo and learn more about how REALSearch can help you get the data you need to work effectively and efficiently.