If every year you find yourself in a rush to complete your TIN & EIN verification, you are going to love what we have to tell you.

TIN Validation Services Include

Quickly verify TIN information using our
real-time verification database with a direct
connection to the IRS.

Add extra fields if required such as: URL, Execs,
Contacts, Federal Tax Liens, Phone, Fax, Sales, Ticker,
Description, Keywords, SIC, NAICS code and more.

Verify employee and vendor tax ids with
one service.

Search different private, public, and government
databases at once.

Now, you can get all of your TIN & EIN verification done in minutes with RealSearch.com. We have millions of Tax Id Numbers and we are the only private data provider with EIN validation under one roof. Plus, we offer a wide range of services to help with all of your KYC/CDD/AML needs - including TIN/EIN finding tools, business credit reports, and more!

If you want to be able to verify all your tax information quickly, in one place, you're in luck!

  • This is not an IRS system. Realsearch.com & EINSearch.com are privately owned by Liberty Data, Inc.
  • With 17 years of collecting Employer Identification Numbers we can offer you the USA's largest private source for EIN Verification ~ millions of EINs, TINs to help you locate and verify unique, very small DBA business TIN
  • Unlike the IRS, which does batching overnight, our system will process a large batch in minutes against our in house file, and run XML real time calls with results in as little as 1/10 of one second. Virtually we have no downtime.
  • We pride ourselves on providing data security, max uptime, and the best hardware equipment and data centers available.
  • We can also correct a wrong TIN or input name. This is an upcoming feature soon to be available for a small fee for clients who participate in our bulk tin matching offer.

Get INSTANT access to the data on businesses to meet your information needs, including:

EIN Searches | 1099 Validation | TIN Matching API | Business EIN Credit Report | EIN/TIN Batching

Direct Access API under IRS

  • Avoid 1099 fines; comply with US Federal laws regarding verification of EIN.
  • Match against our in-house database of name &TIN combinations that include over millions of Employer Identification Numbers (EIN).
  • NOT IRS dependent
  • Fast 1/10 second return
  • Improve 1099 filing accuracy
  • TIN CHECKING : Small fee to append and Locate EIN (TIN) numbers.
  • Save Time : Ready made easy API plugins, or easy to access bulk 'batch-match' service.

TIN MATCHING & Low Cost Append Service

TIN Matching API allows you access to millions of FEINs that may be used by small DBA businesses

Quickly check TIN name and ID number combinations

TIN MATCHING Input: Entity name and 9 digit TIN SPEED: 1/10 second on API calls and 15 minutes or less on batches of 100,000

Response Match
Codes Description

  • 0 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS records.
  • 1 = TIN was missing or TIN not 9-digit numeric.
  • 2 = TIN entered is not currently issued.
  • 3 = TIN and Name combination does not match IRS records.
  • 4 = Invalid TIN Matching request.
  • 5 = Duplicate TIN Matching request.
  • 6 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN records.
  • 7 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS EIN records.
  • 8 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN and EIN records.
  • 99 - Connection/Query/Miscellenious Error