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I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Liberty Data on providing investigators such as myself a system to assist in tracking criminals. Within the last thirty days, information provided by Liberty Data assisted me in investigating and arresting eight persons for felony level crimes. The Mega cell reverse was instrumental in indicating a cell phone for a burglar that, until the system was used, I had no idea the actor had! I was then able to get court orders for that cell number that provided additional incriminating evidence leading to four co-conspirators in just one case! A second serial burglary case involving multiple thefts of copper were augmented by the cell phone data bases that lead to additional carriers and holders of phone that, again, lead to additional court processes. It is a testament to the company that I was able to get confessions for these caseÖ.Thanks Liberty Data.
Detective T.J. Bereda
Chester County, Pennsylvania
I have used other companies in the past. Liberydata.net, however, was unique in the way they responded to my requests. They did not tell me what I wanted to hear.  Instead they came up with different solutions and allowed me to choose the best options for our company. Thank you, Liberty.
Gary Anderson
CEO-Anderson Consulting

Libertydata.net is simply, the best.  They have a very friendly staff and give fast and competent service.  Thanks.
Carlos, New York

Thanks to Libertydata.net, our collection company has saved a lot of money this year.  They have given us exceptional list append services while saving us money at the same time.  Because of the high quality of their data, we are right now planning to subscribe to their online services.  With Liberydata.net, you can not go wrong.
Mary, California

Due to the Patriot Actís requirements, our goal was to partner with a company with the knowledge and ability to provide us with up-to-date identity verification tools.  Libertydata.net accomplished that and much more. Thank you.
John Rich, Pacific Bank

This Liberty Data database system is one of the best....
It is truly a wonderful tool for all real skip tracers, who know how to take a piece of small info and turn it into a case breaker. The cell searches and unlisted number searches are a dream come true, as well as the motor vehicle searches. Everything on this system seems to help out on hard to find targets. I would recommend  this service to any one who  deals with  hard to find targets.  I cant wait to  see what the new searches will bring..

Team Leader, Elite Information Services

I just wanted to share this experience:  I was searching for a targets  name and address,  on a non pub #  so I used the nation wide nonpub database at liberty and I got the result " unassigned " as well as a city and state and telco company... So after a little thought I ran the name "unassigned" and city and state through the headers, low and behold it was a alias last name some one used. I got the address and full name as well. The client was very happy. I highly recommend this system to any one in the skip tracing industry ...

Lead Researcher , Elite Information Services

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