One of the fastest-growing forms of identity theft in the U.S., according to the Department of Justice.

What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

Synthetic Identity Fraud is a global threat, currently on the rise as the world's leading financial criminal syndicate. In just one Synthetic Identity Fraud scam alone, banks across the U.S. lost more than 200 million dollars. Even experts agree that so much money has been lost due to Synthetic Identity Fraud that no one has a clear estimate of just how much damage and loss has been caused altogether as a result.


We are the solution!

You can protect your company and protect your finances, but only by using tools that are more sophisticated than the fraudsters'. Has your company already been victimized by Synthetic ID Fraudsters? It's even more imperative that you put the right tools to work and protect your company now, before they strike again.

RealSearch has the tools you need to combat Synthetic Identity Fraud with our innovative, state-of-the-art tools.

Only Liberty Data, Inc. can do the following to prevent synthetic identity fraudsters:

Validate Social Security Numbers with the federal government

Quickly identify high risk accounts

Screen / Access our proprietary Synthetic ID database

Utilize a comprehensive internal Synthetic ID validation waterfall Sweep product

Real Time Flagging: Differentiate real from synthetic Social Security Numbers

Instantly Verify names, date of birth, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and email addresses

Confidence Scoring: Match data against consumer and email files

We are the EXPERTS!

In addition to these tools, real human beings (not just machines and data files) with expertise in risk model management and fraud analysis are at the helm at RealSearch. The RealSearch staff have the skills and expertise to analyze whether a potential patron has a rich financial, social media, and personal background - or not.