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Liberty Criminal API Usage Manual
"CRIM Databank"

Now integrate 20 years of live public record Criminal Records searchable "CrimData" into your application. Liberty Criminal API now makes it easy, faster and affordable for high volume users like employment screening, Verification portals, Financial KYC processes, dating web portals, vendor background checks, volunteering screening and more. Search by Full Name & State or Nationwide by Full Name, Middle, Last and exact DOB. These are public records, so no special permissions are required. Mugshots coming soon. Nationwide search available. Response time is less then 5 ms. Fill out inquiry form to start with test run.

API Calls:

  • SearchByName
Sample Input   Output
Name: Jon Smith
  • IDCaseNumber
  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • AKA
  • Age , Hair , Height
  • ChargesFiledDate
  • Offense Date
  • OffenseCode
  • OffenseDesc1
  • Counts
  • Plea
  • ConvictionDate
  • ArrestingAgency
  • CaseType


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