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About us

Realsearch.com & EINsearch.Com = Liberty Data, Inc
A National Leader in Business Federal Tax ID Verification: Smarter Data. Instant Access.

Liberty Data, Inc. is a world leading provider of compliance data and solutions. We are young. We are agile. We are adaptable. We are prepared to face the ever changing world of compliance head on.

Our mission is to provide our clients the fast and accurate results they demand, while providing them the customer-centric experience they deserve. We are not the “big box store of data” with a one size fits all solution. Instead, we pride ourselves as the local business down the street providing the bespoke solutions that fit you. Experience compliance in a light never before shined.

At Liberty Data, Inc. we are more than a data company. We are a solutions company, solutions for our clients, and solutions for our community. Our visionaries founded the company on the premise of making a difference. We strive to make our clients’ lives easier by providing the most up to date solutions. We strive to make our local community’s life easier by donating a percentage of our weekly revenue. Simply put, we are difference makers.

ABOUT Realsearch & Einsearch.Com (Liberty Data, Inc)

Get Instant access to intelligent, up-to-date, Business Data. Smart, friendly account representatives are ready to help you learn more, get instant access or run your batches to save you time and labor. Realsearch.com powers Einsearch.com; both are owned by LIBERTY Data, Inc and have served members since 2006. Our comprehensive business data arm businesses in America with the tools needed to validate EIN’s, Pull Business EIN Credit Report’s, and most importantly, stay compliant.

Key Benefits:

  • Private Data Provider with EIN Validation under 1 roof
  • Comply with Federal Laws
  • Know Your Customer
  • Prevent Fraud & Manage Risk
  • Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions
  • Arm Your Staff with Smarter Data now
  • API, Multi Seat & Data Batching Services

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