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web-FRAUDgate 2.0™
" Ultimate Identity Validation & Fraud Detection API "

Online Fraud Risk Management Tool
Increase Bottom-line Profits
Reduce overall Chargebacks
Validate registrations and leads & reduce fake registrations
Reduce the need for manual reviews
Increase detection of Fraudulent Transactions

More about this Service

Credit card fraud costs online retailers billions. web-FRAUDgate 2.0 offers an all-in-one fraud scoring system designed to give online merchants fast, simple and accurate information that delivers immediate results.

Scoring Engine

web-FRAUDgate 2.0 includes a real-time scoring engine that evaluates the risk level of transaction data based on the merchant's customized parameters, and also includes a consolidated review interface for further identification and analysis of transaction risk. web-FRAUDgate 2.0 tools include high risk IPs, IP geo-location, collaborative networksand velocity checks. The solution provides merchants & retailers ultimate access to fraud score as well as ID validation risk analysis, both at the same time. CALL TODAY for test drive.

Validate Lead | Validate Connectivity | Validate Identity | Validate Credit Card Fraud

web-FRAUDgate 2.0 - Whitepaper

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