Search Tool That Provides All Information Required For New FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Ruling

Introducing RealSearch.com’s Responsible Officer Search: the very first real-time beneficial ownership search tool! This search tool uses both fresh and archived data from multiple private and public data sources to accurately pull all the responsible officers that own 10% of a business - even more than the 25% ownership required by the new FinCEN ruling. It will also provide you a list of all executive and senior managers for a company, so you can abide by both the ownership prong and control prong of the ruling.

Here’s what is provided in our real time searches:

List of all reported
responsible officers
for a legal entity

Double verified contact
information of listed officers
for higher accuracy

Over 100 Million current and
archived officer records tied
to legal entities

Results based on repeat reportings from private and public data sources

Federal Tax ID number reported where available

RealSearch.com’s Responsible Officer search is the answer you’ve been looking for to be compliant with the new FinCEN ruling. Remember, you only have until May 11, 2018 to have compliance processes in place. And adding our Responsible Offer Search, with real-time access to fresh and archived data on legal entities, is a sure-fire way to be compliant.

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How Accurate Is Our Data?

We pull our responsible officer data from multiple private and public sources, performing repeat reportings to ensure accuracy. We pull from federal and state government sources as well as top notch private sources. We then overlay this data together to check for accuracy - giving us a system of checks and balance to present accurate data every time.

We know that the data we provide you needs to be the most accurate possible in order for the you to be following the FinCEN ruling to the best of your ability. By cross referencing different sources of data, we can provide you with the most accurate information on even the smallest of businesses!

How Fresh Is Our Data?

Of course, after accuracy, the next biggest question is how fresh is the information? It doesn’t really matter if the information was accurate 10 years ago - you need the freshest data possible! That’s why every responsible officer search you do comes with a reported in date. So you can see the exact year the information was reported and know just how fresh the data is. Don’t be surprised when you see this year as the reported in date; that’s how fresh the majority of our data is!

And We Go Even Further With Our Proprietary Confidence Scoring Matrix

In order to provide you with the absolute best data, we’ve created our proprietary Confidence Scoring Matrix - a completely new algorithm developed by us to check each part of our responsible officer searches against our multiple data sources and return a confidence score on that information. We then can filter out all the scores below a certain threshold (90% confidence score or lower) so we are only returning information that has a 90% or higher confidence score of being both accurate and fresh.

Taken all three parts of our unique product together (Accuracy, Freshness, and our proprietary Confidence Scoring Matrix), our responsible officer search is the best solution for any financial institution looking to abide by the FinCEN ruling. You won’t find another option out there that goes out of their way to do all the hard work of double, even triple, checking the information provided.

With this kind of information being just a few keystrokes away, you’ll not only be following the FinCEN ruling to the best of your ability, you’ll be able to discover even more about your customers, helping you to have better KYC validation as well as a more complete understanding of who you are actually dealing with.

We Also Provide Batch Match And API Access

We also offer bulk matching. Get all of your legal entity customer information verified at once with our high confidence bulk matching - no more worrying about old data in your system. We can provide updated and verified information, straight from our multiple private and public sources, so you can have your entire backlog of legal entity customers in compliance with the new ruling.

And, for even faster verification, we offer an API solution that can integration with your systems. Imagine being able to verify customer information the every same day they apply, without ever leaving your own applications! Our XML-based web program means that we can fit into almost any system without problems.

If you’re interested in our API or Bulk Matching solutions, please give Wendy a call at 800-299-8280.
She’ll be able to answer all your questions and even give you a guided tour of our system.