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IT Developers Plugin to our APIs

Realsearch.com invites IT Developers and their clients to have open access via API to the largest Employer ID number, EIN Tax ID, business database available. We also make available people background data and extensive business background data. Get started today at:


  • plug into our seamless xml
  • fast response times
  • 24/7 uptime
  • high security
  • mirrored servers
  • total interface control
  • Flexible, customizable search capability
  • Volume pricing
  • XML Based non-soap API
  • FEIN / Employer ID Number Database
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Cell Phone Records
  • Criminal Check
  • Email Finder
  • Instant Verifi
  • FRAUD Gate
  • SSN Verifi
  • Ported Cellphones Carrier Search
  • Professional Licenses
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Teaser Header
  • TIN Reverse (EIN + SSN Reverse)
  • US Business Profiles

Check out our APIs at developer.realsearch.com

Developer. Realsearch.com is the first step towards making it easier for users to have open access to our data. We know there is great potential for APIs (application programmable interface) in almost any business. At last people are seeing the benefits of APIs - quick and simple application integration and development of innovation. Create something great ! Call us today.

Realsearch.com is the nationís premier source of EINs information and background facts and assessment on the companies that are important to your clients. Nationwide Sources, Sec of state, domain registration registries, federal and state sources, public records, B2B, UCC Liens judgments and filings, Updated monthly US federal bankruptcy files. This service has endless applications for various industries. For more information or if you would like to discuss how any of our APIs can help you with your business requirements please call or email sales@realsearch.com

call : Business Development 800-299-8280 ext. 119